About us

Hi there potential Casual Hero …  on this brilliant, but crazy planet, things can be simple right? We are all about uncomplicating things.
When it comes to food and clothing, we know there are tons of unused pretty dresses, last seasons fashions, old jeans and food from bakeries, restaurants and functions that goes to waste. There are those that would benefit a lot if they got to make use of the extras. It’s Your Turn makes the effort to put ourselves in between the two groups to create smiles all round; by doing some worthwhile recycling.
Our main project is taking your unused dance dresses to the townships and selling them to the girls for R100. That’s a huge burden lifted on the parents who normally pay way more than R1000 for a dress. The R100 is then used to buy school shoes for those that do not have any. It’s a very simple way to recycle for a great cause. Check out the Gigs section for more details on this projects.
It’s Your Turn loves the fact that so many people can now be contacted via social media and makes use of this fantastic mechanism to engage with the communities of people that recognise how little effort it takes to fulfill your inclination to do something worthwhile with your excess.
Simply get in touch with us and we facilitate your goodness. We know you have a lot of Goodness to share … it’s your turn to express it.


Smiles are good