Casual Heroes

These unassuming women are the latest casual Heroes who have donated clothes or dresses after having a long hard look at their wardrobes. We are incredibly happy to help with that ‘clutter’ situation (hot tip, if you need more hangers, just send us your dresses):

Casual Heroes - thanks for the clothes Katerina+twin+friend


Telo Sisters, Lisa and Michelle
Kath RossInnes
Kirsti Gutsche
Catherine Moore
Dr D
Katerina Loreslova
Alex Van Tonder
Keri Davies
Lauren Goodall
Lize Kay
Kirsten Zschokke – Miss K
Carol Jeffrey
Robyn Hobson
Kasia Rutkowska
Kayleigh Gaval

Carley Featherstone


Casual Heroes

Theses dudes are local community Heroes, and also the hero of their abodes. Their lovely wives/girlfriends/mothers look on in admiration as they donate clothes to make space for more of the latters shoes. Thanks guys, a win win situation right? And remember, you always have the garage (hot tip, when upgrading your bike, just keep it the same colour and they will never know the difference – ole’!):

Nice one Maurice ... more space for your porcelain doll collection


Maurice Levin
Matt Goodall
Shaun Bond
Elan Lohman 

Greg Goodall
Andrew Scott
Bob Skinstad
Michael Scott