Collection Points

At the moment Ryan Scott is your collection point. To activate this collection point, please punch these numbers into your phone 0835771123 and talk into the relevant mouth piece. Or send words to this email address or tweet words to @ItsYourTurnSA
Ryan is fortunate enough to have two feet, one Vintage Vespa, three bikes, access to a friends massive Great Dane, one car and a surfboard as transport plus three brothers so times all that thrice. Choose which ever suites you for him to collect. Remember, before you send him that message, check with your friends as they might also have items to donate. Aaaaaa the freedom of the space you have once you have let go of those old dresses and clothing.
In the near future we will have drop off points at strategic coffee shops and other distinguished establishments for your convenience. If you are a proprietor of a place that could be a collection point at any time … do please let us know.


At your service mademoiselle