The Dresses

Taking an unused dress hanging in a cupboard and selling it for R100 to a young girl in the township, yearning for a beautiful end-of-year/Matric Dance dress, is the most amazing vibe in the world of recycling.

The fact that the money made from selling the dresses is then used to buy a brand new pair of school shoes for those that need them so badly, well, it’s just an incredible process to be a part of. The cool thing is it’s so easy for you to be a part of it too.

It’s Your Turn facilitate the cycle of getting the new dress to the dreaming girl, you just need to get in touch with us (see contact page) and we will collect the dress from you. Perhaps you can get some of your friends to drop a dress with you too. Then when we collect, you become the latest casual hero by just having the good will and inclination to do something really worthwhile through word of mouth.

Use twitter @ItsYourTurnSA and our ItsYourTurn FaceBook pages to spread the word. It’s all too easy and makes you a casual Hero on the spot!

The General Vibe

We will have a go at upcycling recycling and repurposing anything usefull. Recently a guy relocating from Parklands to Bloemfontein (poor fella) donated a lot of timber which was put to use right away to rebuild shacks that had been burnt in a fire over Christmas. Casual Hero status right there Mr Bloemvontein man – thanks.



The Clothes

So many of the cool European and Worldwide brands are coming to South Africa and along with the best styles and current fashion, they bring their clever marketing teams to make you helpless against a cheeky purchase here and there.

You need to make storage space for your new items and we are here to make sure those clothes you don’t wear much are put to a great cause. By donating these clothes to It’s Your Turn, you are creating jobs for ladies selling clothes in the township and with proceeds go towards buying new school shoes that are donated to those in need.

We make it so simple as we’ll collect if you are not too far from our resources. Any clothes will do. We often get unworm clothes and even very well worn is totes fine as we find a use for them. Have a look at to see a very cool innitiative we have to make donating even more worth your while.


The Food

With so many funky bakeries, catering companies and restaurants in Cape Town, there is inevitably a lot of fantastic qaulity of food out there. At the end of your sitting, event or the bakers day though; much of that tasty wholesomeness can go to waste.

We collect the ‘waste’ from our partners and distribute the bread to hungry tummies. This makes a huge impact on places like the St Anne’s Women Abuse Centre in Woodstock and the Homestead for boys who used to live on the streets.

Croissants, muffins and all manner of tasty treats are accepted with unabated smiles and the incredible loaves of bread from bakeries, like Knead, have enough quality to bring lasting comfort.

If you know anyone who is hungry, hopefully we can give them some food from time to time. If you have ‘waste’ for collection, let us know.